Jackson Clark Partners participates in the One Northside Progress Report

Posted on March 19, 2018

Since 2014, thousands of Northsiders have participated in a communtity-driven initiative to improve the quality of life in all 18 neighborhoods on the Northside.  On January 25, 2018, The Buhl Foundation hosted a celebration at Heinz Field to update the Northside Community on the progress of the One Northside Initiative.  

Progress Report



Jackson Clark Partners invited to Stanford to participate in panel discussion - Data in Trust, We Trust

Posted on February 23, 2018

The technologies that connect us and provide unimaginable opportunities to effect positive change can also expose us to potential liabilities and tremendous risks. 

The work that Jackson/Clark is undertaking with its neighborhood partners in developing community gathered and community owned data provides a unique example of an innovative approach to community controlled information - a data trust. Jackson/Clark was invited to present its Community Census work and examine how data trusts can better put residents in control of the critical information that can help to transform their community through better information and resident participation.

​Click here to view the video about our work in Hazelwood that Pat Clark shared at the conference.

Greater Pittsburgh Nonprofit Partnership Summit 2017

Posted on October 06, 2017

Nonprofits, politicians and businesses all use the word "community".  Jackson Clark Partners shows how planned and intentional community engagement efforts lead to community empowerment and active civic participation.

Check out our presentation


GTECH Strategic Plan

Posted on October 10, 2016

Jackson Clark Partners assists GTech Strategies develop their 3 year Strategic Plan.


Green Building Alliance's Strategic Plan Update

Posted on October 08, 2015

Jackson/Clark Partners worked with GBA to develop an updated strategic plan. The planning process included interviews and collaborative sessions with GBA staff and board, key external partners, and both local and national thought leaders.

During the process, GBA determined that their current direction remains inspiring, provides important focus, and allows an opportunity to leverage their accomplishments, credibility, and organizational strengths to broaden the impact of GBA’s work.

The three-year strategic plan can be found here. Check it out! 

Jackson/Clark’s Work with One Northside Community Plan and One Northside Community Census Featured

Posted on September 10, 2015

Jackson/Clark's work to facilate the One Northside Community Plan and One Northside Community Census featured as a best practice in community revitalization.

Read the full report here: Innovative Project Report: The One Northside Community Plan 

Read more from our friends at Neighborhood Allies, here! 


The Jefferson Regional Foundation partners with Jackson Clark

Posted on August 05, 2015


The Jefferson Regional Foundation partners with Jackson Clark Partners on the inaugural Jefferson Forum, bringing together hundreds of leaders and change makers from the South Hills and the lower Mon Region.


Welcoming Pittsburgh Plan Complete!

Posted on August 05, 2015




The comprehensive plan we put together for Welcoming Pittsburgh is complete! Click here to read the entire plan. Check out Welcoming Pittsburgh for updates and more information on upcoming City of Pittsburgh events. 

Grow Pittsburgh Working Their Plan!

Posted on April 03, 2015

Photo Courtesy of NEXTPittsburgh


More news on Grow Pittsburgh putting their master plan into action with urban agriculture. Check out the article below to read more on their work. 


More news from NEXTPittsburgh on Grow Pittsburgh

Welcoming Pittsburgh

Posted on April 03, 2015



We're busy working with the City of Pittsburgh on the new Welcoming Pittsburgh initiative.  Read more below and visit the Welcoming Pittsburgh website to take our survey! 


Mayor William Peduto launched the Welcoming Pittsburgh Initiative in May 2014. The initiative will further the economic prosperity of Pittsburgh by fostering immigration strategies that will build a more welcoming environment for all. Welcoming Pittsburgh is critical to the Mayor’s efforts to retain and ultimately attract diverse talent to our region. Through Welcoming Pittsburgh, the Mayor’s office will work with corporations, nonprofits, and public offices to elevate efforts that make Pittsburgh an attractive place for newcomers and current residents.

The Mayor’s office is working with 40 distinguished and diverse members of the Welcoming Pittsburgh Advisory Council to draft a plan that will help make Pittsburgh a more welcoming city that is most livable for all.

Welcoming Pittsburgh is a part of Welcoming America, a national and grassroots-driven collaborative that promotes mutual respect through cooperation between foreign-born and U.S.-born Americans.

Keep up with and follow us on Twitter and Facebook for updates on how to be a part of our initiative.

Next Pittsburgh Article: 4 Reasons Pittsburgh is Becoming a Buzz City

Posted on November 18, 2014
We know there are many more than four reasons that Pittsburgh is becoming a buzz city. We can think of hundreds! But we sure are excited that Next Pittsburgh gave our team and our partners in Hazelwood a big shout out and lots of love! Read here to find out why.

Green Building Alliance: 2015-2018 Strategic Planning

Posted on October 16, 2014

Our friends at GBA are doing amazing work. From the 2030 District expansion into Oakland, to the new season of Inspire Speaks, GBA continues to be an important thought leader and change maker in our city. Check out the latest news in green, healthy, and sustainable buildings here


The Buhl Foundation: One Northside

Posted on October 16, 2014

We love the Northside! All 18 unique neighborhoods of it! The parks and green spaces, the bustling business districts, the amazing buildings. But most of all, we love the people who live there.

We have been working with The Buhl Foundation for the past year, going deep and rolling up our sleeves, and connecting people, ideas, opportunity and resources to make great things happen. Check out the good work and see for yourself!


Larimer Consensus Group: Organizational Planning + Capacity Building

Posted on October 16, 2014

Traci likes to say, “We are fixing to get ready to do some planning."  And that’s just what is happening with the Larimer Consensus Group. Tirelessly, the LCG continues to strengthen and grow the organization, build capacity, and reach their goals. Receiving the esteemed Choice Neighborhood grant was just the beginning. Implementing the plan is where the work really starts. LCG is getting ready to do that work, and JCP is right there to help them.


Pittsburgh Public Schools / The Gates Foundation: Empowering Effective Teachers

Posted on October 16, 2014

We are pretty happy to be working with teachers from Pittsburgh Public Schools, helping them get focused, engaged, and excited about working together. We are celebrating their work, and collaborating across disciplines, schools, and grade levels. Thanks to the Bill + Melinda Gates Foundation’s $40 million dollar grant, PPS is recognizing the good work of their teaching professionals, and are continuing to invest in innovative ways to support their networking,  collaborating, and team building. 

Pittsburgh Foundation + Success Measures: Data Pilot Program

Posted on October 16, 2014

Data drives just about everything these days. From decision making, to planning, to investing; the more you know, the smarter your work. JCP, in collaboration with Success Measures and The Pittsburgh Foundation is assisting three Pittsburgh communities to understand how to better collect, analyze, and use data in order to make their communities better.

Oakland Planning + Development

Homewood Operation Better Block

Sharpsburg - Allegheny River Towns Enterprise Zone


Pop City Features Jackson/Clark Partners' Work

Posted on October 01, 2014

Pop City Media features Jackson/Clark Partners' work with Larimer in their article, "Larimer Welcomes Home Some Long-Overdue Hope." After receiving the Choice Neighborhood's Grant this past summer, Larimer is continuing to implement their plan for redevelopment using community engagement as a tool for success. 

Read more on our work with Larimer here

 “It was important for us to empower Larimer’s residents during this whole process,” said Jackson. “We are all volunteers, and it was up to us to let people in this neighborhood know they can cause change.” -Donna Jackson of Larimer

The Northside Chronicle Features Buhl Foundation

Posted on September 22, 2014

The Northside Chronicle, features Pittsburgh’s Buhl Foundation and its plan to spend $40 to $60 million dollars revitalizing Northside over the next 10-20 years.

This past year, Jackson/Clark Partners developed a strategic plan to engage Northside residents in voicing their opinion on the needs of the community. Engaging residents in the process would be key in determining how the Buhl Foundation’s funding would be utilized to best serve the socio-economic concerns of the community.

In February of 2014, JCP organized a community meeting and sharing session where Northside residents and stakeholders discussed the needs of the Northside. This session determined the three focus improvement areas of the Northside: quality of education, quality of place, and quality of employment.

From this work, One Northside Pittsburgh developed as a means to engage residents and empower them to become active in the redevelopment process.

About One Northside Pittsburgh:

Northside community leaders are currently having a community-wide conversation and working to gather data about the neighborhoods that make up the Northside. We hope this will be the beginning of a large-scale effort to work towards a shared agenda for progress and creating a better community for all Northside residents.

Based on 300+ community interviews to date, and with support from the Buhl Foundation, we hope to build on the inherent assets and hard work of the people of the Northside to facilitate a community-driven engagement initiative where residents and community leaders create a shared community agenda. We are currently working to:

+Engage residents + community leaders in defining what’s working and what’s needed

+Develop shared strategies across communities and specific strategies within communities

+Begin near-term projects that will make a difference
Leverage additional resources + community-based assets


Follow One Northside Pgh updates via Facebook and Twitter

Community Development Focuses on CDC's

Posted on September 22, 2014

We love that Pop City's latest piece about Community Development focuses on CDC's and some of our favorite neighborhoods and people in the city. 


To read more about Neighborhood Allies and our work with them click on to Projects and read our Neighborhood Allies Case Study.

Our Friends at GBA are Busy!

Posted on September 22, 2014

In addition developing 2015-2018 strategic plan with us, they are moving the local and national needle with the 2030 District expansion. 

Good work GBA!

Excerpt from 2030 District Expansion:

"The Commonwealth’s education, medical and technology hub, Oakland is a driving force in innovation, pushing forward Pittsburgh’s international reputation as a great place to live, work, and play. The Pittsburgh 2030 District, a collaborative effort launched in Downtown in 2012, is an initiative that strives for a 50% reduction of energy use, water use, and transportation emissions by the year 2030, and we are proud to be the first 2030 District to include a second distinct boundary."

Grow Pittsburgh's Garden Resource Center Opening

Posted on September 22, 2014

Grow Pittsburgh announces the opening of their new Garden Resource Center on Saturday, September 27th 12pm-5pm. 

We are super excited to share this as it was one of the many great ideas that kept percolating throughout our strategic planning work with them last year. Way to stay on track Grow Pittsburgh!

"The Garden Resource Center will provide local gardeners with access to a wide range of tools and materials that are vital to creating and maintaining healthy food gardens. By purchasing an affordable yearly membership, gardeners will be able to borrow tillers, string trimmers, wheelbarrows, and much, much more. A membership will also grant gardeners access to small quantities of bulk materials including straw, mulch, and compost."

Helping People Make Their Communities Better

Posted on September 10, 2014

This week, Pop City features, “Creating Place: The Role of Community Development Corporations in Pittsburgh’s Neighborhoods.

Our clients, Neighborhood Allies and Economic Development South, are featured in Pop City's article showcasing their hard work over the past few years.  

Jackson/Clark Partners helped to develop the Neighborhood Allies business plan, its goals, mission, and brand. Neighborhood Allies' mission is to,"Serve as the platform to rally and inspire partners, set goals, tract progress, raise money and make investments, and communicate successful outcomes effectively."

In addition, Economic Development South, is featured as one of the key community development corporations doing good work in the Pittsburgh. Economic Development South, "provides professional planning and economic development assistance, while focusing on the redevelopment of the major commercial corridors that serve our neighborhoods." Economic Development South partners with the Brentwood, Baldwin, Whitehall, Carrick, Overbrook, Mt. Oliver, Pleasant Hills, Jefferson Hills, and Brookline communities within Allegheny County. 

We believe in working directly with CDCs to strengthen and connect their people, assets and resources, and opportunities. 

Learn more about: Neighborhood Allies, Economic Development South

Betty Lane Featured in Next Pittsburgh

Posted on August 12, 2014


We are proud to see Ms. Betty Lane in Next Pittsburgh's article, "5 People Making Pittsburgh a More Livable City for All." Lane is a part of the Larimer Consensus Group and has worked with Jackson Clark Partners over the years. This past June, the U.S. Department of Housing and Economic Development awarded its $30 million Choice Community implementation grant to Larimer. Congratulations to Betty Lane for her continuous hard work. 

Read more about the Choice Neighborhoods Recipients

Larimer awarded $30M Choice Neighbohoods Implementation Grant

Posted on June 30, 2014

One of 4 awardees from across the country Read more in the Post-Gazette here 

Learn more about Presley Gillespie - the first President of Neighborhood Allies

Posted on June 03, 2014

As part of the team that created Neighbohood Allies new business plan, JCP created the name, mission, vision and values for to better align with what community members are looking for in the new organization   Read an interview with Presley here 

Larimer one of six national finalists for $30M Choice Neighborhoods Grant from HUD!

Posted on May 19, 2014

Jackson/Clark was a part of the team that helped the community of Larimer make it to the top six applicants nationwide for a $30 million grant from HUD. Find out more here  

Jackson/Clark works with Buhl Foundation to launch Northside Census

Posted on May 19, 2014

Jackson/Clark working with GBA on a new Strategic Plan

Posted on May 19, 2014


After working with JCP on a highly successful strategic plan and planning process in 2011, Jackson/Clark was selected to work with the team at the Green Building Alliance to set a new strategic course for the organization. Planning will continue throughout the summer. Look for a new plan for GBA this fall.   Check out GBA's website